Pascal Rigaux
Date of Birth: October 02, 1975
Nationality: French
Address: 6 allée d'Andrézieux
75018 Paris
Phone: +33 (0) 1 82 09 08 74
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Work Experience

2009: working at MLstate on the compiler for a new functional programming language for Web development (using OCaml, Javascript, JQuery)
1999/2009: developer at Mandriva (was Mandrakesoft), mainly on the distribution installer, configuration tools, core packages (initrd, fs tools, gcc, xorg...), package management (urpmi, rpm)
1998/99: Military duty as "Scientifique du Contingent" at Polytechnique
1998: 6 months training in Compose team at Irisa

Presentations and Publications
2006: Syntax Across Languages cited in the American Scientist
April 1998: Architecture et performance des interpréteurs (abstract, slides), based on The Structure and Performance of Interpreters
February 2001: presentation about programming languages (those slides were presented at linux expo Paris '01)

Expert: Perl, OCaml, C, Linux distributions, rpm/urpmi, XHTML, XML, Javascript, JQuery, shell, Emacs
Good knowledge: Haskell, Ruby, Java, C++, assembly, Scheme, Python, Awk, Pascal, Prolog

06/1998: INSA Computer Science Engineer degree
1997/1998: Computer Science DEA Master at université de Rennes I
1995/1998: INSA Computer Science Engineer study

english: fluent
french: native language

bike, badminton, swimming, choir