mathplot screenshots

Warning: before each screenshot you have the file corresponding to it. It was made by saving the interactively made drawing. But it could have been hand-written :)

Warning2: seems like netscape has some problems with the screenshots (.png) below. It replaces the black by a gray-blue :(?? So just imagine the picture with black instead of this strange blue...


First, an example of the use of inequalities
range: from (-1, -1) to (2.5, 2.5)
plot y0
xplot x<2

Extrema and tangent

Then, what a about some classical functions, using extrema to find one (symbolically found :) and tangent for that x-value:
range: from (-2.75, -2.75) to (4.25, 4.25)
plot y=inv(x)
plot y=1+x^3+-x
fpoint A at 3^(-inv(2))
tangent 3^(-inv(2))

The same in (Encapsulated) PostScript (via export):


To finish with, a cute serie of lines to show the different colors:
range: from (-5, -1) to (10, 2.4)
plot y=0.1
plot y=0.2
plot y=0.3
plot y=0.4
plot y=0.5
plot y=0.6
plot y=0.7
plot y=0.8
plot y=0.9
plot y=1
plot y=1.1
plot y=1.2
plot y=1.3
plot y=1.4
plot y=1.5
plot y=1.6
plot y=1.7
plot y=1.8
plot y=1.9